The Group

The Group

Comprising the Pub Governing Body, the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme and the Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service.


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Overall Governance body, responsible for establishing

minimum standards of practice and case protocols for PIRRS and PICA-Service

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Dispute resolution procedure for tied tenants/lessees where landlord companies have not complied with industry standards

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Alternative dispute resolution procedure for tenants/lessees for the determination of rents

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PIRRS offers an accessible, independent, low cost rent review resolution service, to the licensed industry.  Through the appointment of a pre-approved independent expert, tenants and lessees are able to refer both rent reviews and rent determination at lease renewals to the scheme.  Capped fees enable tenants and landlord to resolve dispute in a fair and timely manner.


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PICA-Service, established in March 2012, provides tied tenants and lessees with a low cost dispute resolution procedure where the Landlord Company have breached either the IFC, their individual company code of practice or are perceived to have breached the spirit of either code.  PICA-Service allows for complaints to be independently adjudicated upon by an independent Panel.  Low fees make PICA-Service an attractive alternative to other forms of dispute resolution, such as litigation.

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The PGB govern the Pubs UK Industry Framework Code of Practice (IFC) and as such provide directional and strategic input into its operation and consider future revisions and editions.  In addition, the PGB are responsible for overseeing the functionality of PIRRS and PICA-Service which includes where necessary amending the services to ensure that they are kept up to date and fit for purpose.  The PGB are, in short, the overall governance body for the mechanisms that exist under the self-regulatory system.

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