PICA-Service is available to tied tenants in Scotland, if their landlord company is a signatory of the Pubs Sector – Scotland Code of Practice. Given the unique nature of the Scottish pub market, and legislative differences between English and Scottish property law, the Pub Sector – Scotland Code of Practice has taken this into account to ensure that Scottish tenants have a tailored code that specifically covers their sector.

The PICA-Service Panel hearing will provide the opportunity for both tenants/lessees and pub companies to personally represent their case, based on the provisions in the Pubs Sector – Scotland Code of Practice. Hearings will also be held in a mutually agreed location to ensure the entire process is accessible to all parties.

A copy of the Pubs Sector – Scotland code of practice can be found here:

Scottish Code of Practice

A list of the PICAS Scottish Panel can be found here:

The Panel