How much does it cost?

  The fees for the PICA-Service are set and become payable upon lodging the application form.  Fees are reviewed annually and do not attract VAT. 

Applications to the PICA-Service cannot be progressed without the administrator receiving the registration fee and the statement of complaint. 

In the event that the licensee’s complaint is upheld the registration fee will be returned to the tenant. 

Please make cheques payable to : The Pub Governing Body

For further information on the registration fee, please refer to the procedure paper or contact the administrator on 01276 417806.

Costs to register a complaint with PICA-Service

Pub Company/Brewery: £200

Tenant/Lessee: £200

The fees received from both parties will be processed prior to the PICA-Service Panel hearing. 

In the event that the licensee's dispute/disputes are upheld the fee will be returned to the licensee and the Pub Company/Brewery will be liable for this payment. 

For further information on the PICA-Service fees refer to the procedural paper or contact the administration team.   

 All cheques must be payable to Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service.